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Title: Taking the plunge
Post by: Natural Sound on April 13, 2010, 05:45:41 AM
Well, I pulled the trigger last night and ordered a crack kit. I had been going back and forth whether or not to buy one of these. I'm currently using a S.E.X. amp for a dedicated headphone setup. So in reality I don't really "need" one of these. Then I started to think about it some more and I can build some high efficiency horns or something for the spare bedroom and let the SEX amp live there. Either that or I can buy an extra set of headphones and bring one of the setups to work. Either way it will be fun to build another Bottlehead kit. My last build was a pair of Paramour II's I built a few years ago. I even put in an order for a "quickie" while I was at it.

I look forward to comparing SEX to crack in the coming months. When I do I'll pose a review here.