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Author Topic: Back under the knife for a simple mod  (Read 958 times)

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Back under the knife for a simple mod
« on: January 12, 2020, 06:02:09 AM »
I'm working on a plan to power a sub with a small Sansui AU-222 I have.  The Blumenstein Orca's sound good but need some bottom.   There's a million ways to solve this but I'm going to try this.

I only have one source and I'd like the Stereomour, Crack-a-2-a and the little Sansui to all use the same source.  I had built the Stereomour with a pass through on the 3rd "output".  The inside set of RCA's is attached directly to the input of the volume pot (or the output of the source selector - I don't remember which way I did it).  That way no matter what the other two inputs are on the 3rd set is always live.  I also don't need to have the Stereomour turned on to do this as the inputs are shorted via that connection directly to the output RCA's.

The Crack-a-2-a has three inputs...hmmmm…. ???

Not difficult unless you've had three cups of coffee prior to doing the work.   ::)  On the Crack-a-2-a I did attach the inside set of RCA's to the input of the volume.  It looked easier at the moment and it does work.  I left the wiring in place for switching the inside RCA just in case I wanted to change this later.

And if you're using shorting plugs on the RCA inputs you're working on don't expect your meter to know that.  Everything will be attached to everything until you remove them.  Ya...   :o   ::)

Aaron Luebke