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Oppo BDP-103D
« on: October 27, 2020, 12:41:30 PM »
I've been updating my home theater with a 4K projector system. In the process I have acquired an AVR that can input a 4K signal thru the HDMI ports. And so it is time to let my nifty Oppo BDP-103D go.

If you don't know about the Oppo bluray players I suggest you do a little research. They are no longer made and becoming rather coveted. The BDP-103D can handle 1080p input and can upscale the output to 4K. In conjunction with the Darby circuitry (the D after the 103 denotes this feature) you can get a really nice upscaled image and the Darby also does a nice job improving a non-upscaled 1080p output signal.

The main reason I bought the player was that it can also function as an AV processor, with 7.1 channel preamp outs. You can adjust the individual speaker levels in the setup menu, and there is a main volume control on the remote. So...yup, you can use this with Bottlehead amps to run your surround system, which is what I did. CDs sounds quite nice and it will even play SACDs. It also has TOSLINK and RCA S/PDIF outs for your high end DAC. It has two HDMI outs that can both play the full AV signal and you can also set it to do just video from one output and just audio from the other.

The player is in very good shape. It was purchased new and set up in my theater several years ago, never moving from there until now. Remote is included. Bluray laser hasn't been used that much, it was used 99.9% of the time as processor with a Roku streaming box. It does not have the optional wifi dongle but can be connected to ethernet. Honestly, that's hardly worth worrying about. The firmware is up to date and it's not likely Oppo will update it anymore since they no longer sell bluray players. And frankly you do not want to use this player to stream Netflix or whatever. The new streaming boxes are way better and not that expensive. Just get a Fire TV or Apple TV and plug it in the rear HDMI input.

Price is $400 plus shipping. I'll list here first and put it on ebay if I don't get any response. Email me at [email protected]
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