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Looking to get my first set of headphones.   Any suggestions?   Like to keep it under $500 since I don’t really know if it will be my thing.  I was thinking of a used pair of Koss esp9’s.   

Koss, you starting a headphone museum?

If you never owened headphones, or even know if you will like them, then start with a pair of HD600/650s for a couple of hundred bucks.  Just my 2c's.

Doc B.:
I'll second the HD600/650. If you don't like them you can sell them in about 5 minutes.

What do you think about Bluetooth headphones, are there any problems with the sound quality? I'm thinking about HD 450BT

Paul Birkeland:
Yes, sound quality will be negatively impacted by using Bluetooth.  If you need the wireless functionality, then it's certainly the way to go.  If the cord isn't a big deal, then you're better off keeping it.


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