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Hope these headphones are OK !!


El Tel:
Hi Guys and Gals

I have just started my Crack Headphone Amp build and wondered if you could help me with  my choice of Headphones.
I've gone for the Beyerdynamic Amiron Headphones which are 250 ohms.
What are your views with this combo, I'm hoping they will be OK, anyone using them ?

Cheers and Happy New year everyone.

Doc B.:
Have not listened to them but the impedance number is fine.

El Tel:
Thanks Doc !!

Will be an excellent match. I use the DT-1770 Pro and DT-1900 Pro, both are 250 ohm and they are awesome. I have the Speedball, the volume will start getting very loud at 12 o'clock, plenty of usable control. Never tried the Amiron but they will perform nicely with the Crack. Enjoy!

El Tel:
Thank You Mucker
I'm just starting the build and have the speedball too but I won't be adding that until later as per Docs instructions.


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