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« on: May 26, 2023, 04:42:56 PM »
 I purchased the SEX 3.0 kit to replace a very cheap Chinese headphone amp. Having built several Bottlehead kits in the past I knew I would be happy with the outcome. I was able to build the kit in three nightly sessions of around 4 hours each. Following the instructions to the letter, thankfully, all the tests came out perfect. Initially I heard nothing so I thought I had messed up! It would have worked flawlessly had I checked the source input device before I questioned having made a mistake. Well physically double checking all the connections doesn't hurt and it does give you a little more insight to how everything works! Had I pressed the "PLAY" on the Ipod it would have worked from the start! It sounds absolutely fantastic now! With some burn in time the SEX will get even better! Now for some of the system I am using it with: Grado SR325e, Technics SL-MC4 Cd player. Normally I am a vinyl guy but I just can't have a turntable everywhere I would want to listen. Initial listening with this setup is the sound stage is huge, range is super, extremely detailed and a very low noise floor! My second mistake was to not have purchased one of these earlier! One final point is that there is enough iron in this kit to effect compasses!

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Re: Sexcessful!
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Congrats and thanks for the kind words! Next week we will be shipping the S.E.X. amps that sold out so quickly on Thursday. After that it appears we may have enough tubes and sockets for one more run.
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