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Paul Birkeland:
Just bend the wire up 90 degrees once you pass it through the lower lugs so it can't pull out once captured by solder.

Doc B.:
Start at about 16:00 -

Thanks Doc! I watched this video again before rebuilding the circuit for that channel. I never found a broken wire, but it sounds as good as new now! I finally found time to install the stepped attenuator upgrade and I incredibly happy with the performance of this amp. Thank you Paul for nudging me in the direction of a bad connection.

While the C2A was down, I dusted off a non-bottlehead amp and there is simply no comparison. The C2A should really come packaged with HD800s haha. They are a great combo!

I guess the power cord will have to scratch the itch next…

After rebuilding the amp and things working flawlessly for quite a while, the intermittent pop has returned. I had all ready swapped the preamp and drive tubes during the last troubleshooting, so doubtful that was the issue. Before digging into the underside of the chassis again,I noticed that a tap on the 6AQ5 tube itself would reliably reproduce the pop. I had been focusing only on the audio path last time, but it looks like my issue might have been a failing tube all along. After replacing that tube, the issue has disappeared again. Now this could be some wiring of connection getting moved while changing the tube, but it really seems like the tube was the issue.

Just wanted to post this hear for FYI and to help grow the troubleshooting on the forum…

Paul Birkeland:
That could well be pins that need a bit of cleaning on that particular 6AQ5.


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