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Paul Birkeland:
Definitely the audio path, but that's essentially the entire front 2/3 of the amp.

After a busy week, I finally got around to inspecting the wiring. I re-flowed the solder joints on any connection that looked questionable. Nothing really stood out to me as a bad connection per se, but there were a few where the rosin did not completely burn off, so that's what I focused on. Voltages and resistance remained the same, so I powered up the amp and the static from the headphone jack is much better, but not gone.

Is there a specific thing I should be checking on my DMM to resolve this?

This is my third kit I've built and the first with this problem, so I'm kind of stuck. My solder joints look okay, however not every terminal is completely filled with solder. That proved to be a very difficult task throughout the build. All wires have a solid physical connection prior to soldering. Is the complete encapsulation of the terminal a necessity?

I've always had a hard time inserting/removing tubes from the 9-pin sockets. I try to leave slack on the wires for movement, but it's always a struggle. Is this expected with chassis mounted sockets?

Sorry for the ramble. I've had some questions brewing for a while now...

Paul Birkeland:
Do you still get noise when moving around the headphone cable?

I do... and the left channel will short out, but not the right. The jack was the first solder joints I re-flowed. Could I have a bad headphone jack?

Paul Birkeland:
I am still 99% sure you have a bad solder joint.  If you have a bad headphone jack, you should be able to poke just on the headphone jack terminals with a chopstick to get the left channel to drop.


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