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Failed voltage checks on Low-current and B-side high current boards

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I recently finished building my crack-a-two-a and I passed all resistance and voltage checks with the original build.
I used it for around 48 hours over the course of the past week without any faults and decided to incorporate the twoquiet upgrade.

After the upgrade, I find that there is 561 ohms on terminals 4 and 12 and the other values are as specified.
I have verified all of the connections appear to be correct, but am unsure where to go next.
Would the twoquiet upgrade alter the original resistance values or have I done something wrong?

Paul Birkeland:
If you change the position of the Coarse attenuator, that value will move depending on the position of the switch.

Terminals 4 and 12 in the C2A built manual specify 0-100K ohms, so you're still within those limits.

That's good to know. I thought that since the upper bound was 100k ohms, the value should be closer to that.

Having passed that, the voltage checks now fail on the low-current board and the B-side high-current board.
I find the following voltages are wrong (measured values with expected in parentheses):


* IA: 107V (150V)
* KregA: 0.58V (3-6V)
* bRegA: 107V (150V)High-current (B)

* OA: 107V (150V)
* bB: 108V (150V)
I have double-checked all connections and am unsure of the problem. Please advise on where to start.

Doc B.:
Start by swapping the 6AQ5 tubes side to side and see if the voltages that are off follow the B side 6AQ5 tube to the A side.

Swapping the tubes did not fix the problem. The voltages were the same.


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