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Happy Ghost:
Hello All..

I had a C2A which was not getting used for some months (ty Mainline!)... Today I put it back in the rack with a new production 12AU7 tube. I measured all the voltages just now and everything checks out EXCEPT OB on the high current C4S boards. Both read somewhere around 75-78V range. Everything else is in spec and all the LED's also light up.

I am assuming that this is just a matter of the new 12AU7 tube needing to cook a little bit.. Is that correct? Can I run the amp still?


Paul Birkeland:
What are OA and OB on the center board?

Happy Ghost:

--- Quote from: Paul Birkeland on October 31, 2023, 04:43:22 AM ---What are OA and OB on the center board?

--- End quote ---

both are around 80 V DC..

Paul Birkeland:
How well is the 6080 glowing?  Those voltages indicate that the 6080 is really struggling to draw appropriate current.

Happy Ghost:
I dont have a 6080... instead I am using a TungSol 5998.. the 12AU7 is the new Apos Ray 12Au7..


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