Hundreds of IERC tube shields

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on: June 10, 2024, 10:21:12 AM
File under stuff I will not get to before I'm too old to use it. This is around 500+ IERC tube shields of all sorts of sizes from 7 pin minis to various 9 pin tubes to some that should fit on 6080s and the like. Some are still in their paper wrap. I have sold sets of these on ebay to Collins 390a guys for like $70 a set, and I see individual shields going for anywhere from $2 to $8. I will sell this whole pile for $250 plus shipping. Better yet, come pick them up at the shop and save the shipping cost. For those not familiar with IERC shields, these lower the tube envelope temperature by about 15%, which often means longer tube life. They fit on the standard bayonet style socket clamp. Email me to purchase the lot. Sorry not interested in piecing these out.

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