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on: July 27, 2012, 07:12:36 AM
When we were putting the finishing touches on Ayron Jones' Tode, we found that we could set off a resonance of the back panel by plucking an open G string with the volume wide open. After poking and prodding [and driving everyone in the office nuts with an open G being hit again and again with the volume wide open  :o], Shawn and I determined that the upper corners of the back panel were vibrating. So we added some 1/4" squares of a composite cork and neoprene material we have around the lab, to each corner of the plate so it was sandwiched between the plate and the wood cabinet when the rear nuts are tightened. Problem solved.

We'll send some of these pads out to folks who have already received their Todes and we will include them in kits from now on.

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