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Headphone impedance and Bottlehead Kits

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Doc B.:
Yeah, that could work, though I think the taps would have to shift from 4K:16/32/64/128 to 8K:32/64/128/256. PJ may correct me on this.

There some decent Yamaha phones around on the used market. Just found my old 1980s period YHD-1 in a drawer - not horrible sounding at all (but I am not running with BH gear)

Yamaha YH-1   150 ohms
Yamaha YH-2   150 ohms 
Yamaha YH-1   150 ohms
Yamaha YHD-1 120 ohms
Yamaha YHD-2 120 ohms 

Kevin R-M

I have these cheap (~$50) headphones:

HD668 B - 56 ohms

They have some good reviews on headfi and other sites.  Will upgrade to another set when I get a Crack amp.  This list is helpful.  Thanks.

Just wanted to mention that I get a 404 when I check this link in the OP post.


Also wanted to add a high impedance headphone I found although it's not being produced anymore.

KOSS MV1, 250 ohm

Production stopped really recently so you should still be able to find new pairs on Amazon or other sites. I got a pair for $80.

FYI,  I have a pair of Bose AE2 headphones at 38 ohms


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