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Headphone impedance and Bottlehead Kits

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A note about the Beyer DT48; there have been many versions released over the years. Most are *not* high impedance... in fact, most of them are rather low, around 25, and I think there's a few rare ones even down to 8.

to go with my Crack my wife got me a pair of Audio-technica QuietPoint ATH-ANC7b's I have nothing to compare them to but they sound good enough connected to the Crack to give me goose bumps. These are 300ohm cans.

The noise cancellation is really quite good. I took them to work and without any music turned them on and put them on and it was akin to stepping into a sound proof room. It's pretty insane how loud my office is.

Jim R.:
Dan,r the ones that are alsu suitable for the Crack?   Also wonder why the AKG 601 isn't listed.

-- Jim

Could you do something like put a * afte

Doc B.:
As a general rule of thumb anything from 120 ohms up should be OK with the Crack. However there may be subjective qualities that will make some listeners like cans that have lower impedance with Crack, and qualities that may make some folks dislike a higher impedance headphone with Crack. I have not listened to all of the headphones myself so I can't really make a definitive recommendation beyond the impedance.


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