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Doc B.:
Here is a pic of the new constant current source upgrade for the Crack kit that we have been talking about. Two small Camille Cascode Constant Current Sources are installed in place of the plate load resistors on the 12AU7 input triodes, and two big and beefy ones complete with heatsinks are installed in place of the cathode load resistors of the 6080 triodes.

For those looking for something even stronger than Crack - quicker, more quiet, better mids, better bass, better resolution.


We'll have a pre-order page up soon, and I hope to have it all together to begin shipping in three weeks.

Scared to try a Speedball? Once you try it, you will understand why people get hooked.

The order page is up, so get Crack, er, get Speedballing!

Nice! You guys have been hoppin' up in Poulsbo.
It looks like there's plenty of room left in there too.

Doc B.:
We will be re-shooting the assembly instructions today, using the actual PC boards that will be shipped in the kit rather than the prototype we used the first time around. Hope to have this all wrapped up and the first orders ready to ship by Friday.

Doc B.:
Running just a bit behind, but I just finished the manual and we should be packing the first kits Monday!

Just enquiring if the Speedball upgrade comes with detailed instructions.  I've just built a Crack amp (as part of an Australian group buy) and have got the DIY bug.  I was very impressed with the instructions that came with the Crack.   


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