Kickstarter Vertical Turntable - this is just too cool .....

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Although there were vertical vinyl turntables in the 1980's, and Wurlitzer Jukeboxes that player 45's vertically in the 50 & 60's, none were as cool as this ....  I couldn't resist ...

I'm not affiliated, just a backer ......

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Interesting that the tonearm is "upside down" compared to vertical players of the past. I had a vertical TT years ago - maybe a Mitsubishi? It was less than stellar, but was also quite a bit different than this one, with a linear tracking arm hanging from above.

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Not a flame, just being a curmudgeon. Sorry, all I could think of, as I watched the video, was that they hired copywriters from "the Onion" for the script.  It started with a silly premise, "To truly experience vinyl, you have to see it."  Then  the video and all of the ad photos show people sitting BEHIND the gadget. So much for the silly premise.  I hate it when marketeers represent something that will, IMO, never deliver.  But then again " it was "designed.... by the best audiophiles they could find!"

At least Crosely is honest!


$169...... just sayin'!!


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Hey, I'm too old to be a curmudgeon - I'm quite sure it won't replace my VPI/JMRI/Shelter/Eros combo, but for $350 bucks, I'll give my Iron Butterfly's "IN A GADDA DA VIDA" a spin, or better, my Dave Mason "ALONE TOGETHER" ....  A couple of fingers of JD and watching that spin I could probably get back to 1970 ....

I have 7 kids ages 21-33 ...... just maybe this will look 'cool enough' to get the low rez MP3 ear-buds out or the Beats off their ears .....

There are 10 types of people in this world,
Those that understand Binary and those that Don't!