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Grado GH1
« on: October 01, 2015, 03:09:50 AM »
First I must admit ... (I know the BH crowd LOVES Sennheiser - don't get angry) ... but I can't stand Sennheisers!  They are very detailed but flat as a board and unemotional.  Sorry, just my take.  I am a fan of Grados and have had a pair of SR60's for years.  I was at AXPONA this past year and heard the Oppo PM-2 and was impressed!  I also heard the HD-800's on the Firefly and it was OK. 

In a moment of weakness I broke down and bought some GH1's this week.  WOW!  The treble detail is equivalent to the RS1 but the bass is better than all of the RS-series.  It makes my SR60's almost un-listenable now.  Definitely full of emotion.  Listening to "My Beloved Wife" by Natalie Merchant gives me goosebumps as her voice breaking as she breaks down is almost like she is sitting next to me on the verge of crying.  I read on Head-Fi to put some G cush on them and they fall between the PS500 and PS1000.  Detail is slightly better than my Pass fed Klipschorns but then they are right next to my ears.  ;D

Anyway, VERY happy with mine!  If anyone is looking for a set of Grados, check them out!  The only downside is the build quality is between the Prestige and Reference line but the sound is between the Reference and Pro lines.  And like all other Grado phones, they are uncomfortable until they break-in (band and cushions).

I also picked up a set of used Crackheadphones for use with my Crack + Speedball when it arrives. 

I am running the Grados on a Richard Marsh Class-A amp.

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Re: Grado GH1
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2015, 04:27:50 AM »
Interesting i hadn't heard about these, though i have been out of touch with Grados since the E series came along.  I still use my RS1's and Ms-Pros on a regular basis as i've never found anything that can recreate that midrange magic of the Grados.  I also own the HD650's and have never been able to love them, i just cant get past that distant veiled sound. Extremely comfortable, and not in the slightest bit fatiguing, but just don't excite me.

My HE-500's are close behind the Grados, and a surprisingly similar sounding phone. They are cleaner and more detailed headphone which is to be expect from a technically superior design, but there is just something a bit too clinical about them which makes me reach for the Grados. Especially for female vocals, thats where the Grados really shine :)

Just to plant a seed in your mind, a modified S.E.X. is a wonderful pairing with Grados, but it does take some tweaks to make it quite enough.

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Re: Grado GH1
« Reply #2 on: October 18, 2015, 06:10:49 PM »
I have to agree with you on Sennheisers,  ::)
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