AKG Q701 - and some S.E.X.

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on: February 09, 2016, 03:37:15 PM
I am building a new main amplifier for my living room (Stereomour 2) and so was thinking I could move my SEX 2 upstairs to my office soon, so thought about what headphones I might be able to pair with it.  I have a Crack and a pair of Senn HD600's, figuring maybe I could take those to my work office (ridiculous how my Bottlehead amplifiers keep multiplying).  Sooooo... what will I use for the SEX?  Also just finally re-wired the headphone jack in the SEX to cut out the speakers.

I started doing some research here and other places.  Naturally after all of the talk here I wanted to get a HIFIMAN of some sort, but I couldn't really justify the cash (also ridiculous how much money I spend on this stuff sometimes).

Years ago I had a pair of AKG K501's and while I enjoyed them very much I didn't LOVE them, and ended up selling them on eBay.  Honestly I probably just wasn't pairing them with much of an amp, and I'm sure my opinion of them suffered because of that.  Used ones are selling for quite a bit now, I wish I had kept them.  I found the AKG Q701's for an affordable price.  So I figured "why not?"  Well, after my standard intense days-long research session poring over reviews and watching Tyll Hertsen videos.

I'm pretty happy with them, especially for the price.  They seem to work with the SEX quite well.  I have a very large head, and they are VERY comfortable.  I've been listening for several hours, to a mix of jazz and rock, live Derek Trucks show right now, and no fatigue at all.  The bass extends very low, although as noted elsewhere it doesn't thump right through you (don't like that anyway).

Just switched to Sinatra.  He sounds great too, but then he always does....

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