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JICO SAS stylus
« on: June 05, 2021, 07:47:15 AM »
I've been enjoying the Technics SL-10 turntable.  It's an effortless machine and takes the thinking out of playing a record.

My turntable came with an excellent sounding Stanton L720 cartridge. While playing classical music with highly dynamic passages, I noticed some distortion and thought it would be time to try a couple of cartridges I picked up.  First was a Technics P28 with a generic stylus.  The Techinics P28/P22 series are the same, with different stylus'. It stayed on for about a minute.  Second was a Technics P22 cartridge with a new Jico SAS sylus. From the first note it was fantastic!  The distortion was gone and it tracks as would be expected for a boron cant with a SAS profile diamond.  I use Jico SAS stylus' on my main TT and have found they produce a superior sound. 

If you are a MM guy like me, and you have a cartridge that Jico makes an SAS/boron stylus for, I highly recommend them.  They are expensive, but nothing compared to a good MC and all that comes with owning one. 

For a little background, I've owned some expensive MC carts and set ups in the past.  A good MM with a Jico SAS gives me 95% of the sound at a minimal expense.
Aaron Johnson