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Author Topic: Repair service [resolved]  (Read 1394 times)

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Re: Repair service [resolved]
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I’ve been so busy with school. I’ve only just now gotten around to checking the forum.

First of all I can’t thank Paul enough for fixing everything up. I’m really looking forward to getting it back.

The iron I used initially was quite old, so this makes sense. I borrowed it from my physics professor’s lab equipment and he said that he had no idea how long it’d been there, but it was long before him. (It looked quite old).

My wire stripper too was a very crude tool. I got this from my brother. The size of the stripper was adjustable only by changing the position of a screw that served to modulate the maximum amount of  squeeze that you could apply to the handles..

So, two major lessons that I learned:

don’t use cheap/improper tools just because someone lent them to you

Go slow and take breaks often

I assembled (attempted to assemble) the amp and speedball over the course of a 18ish hour sitting.

Thank you to everyone else who was so readily available to help me work through the issues and diagnose the problem.

I can tell this is a special place. I’m happy to be the owner of a product from this kind of community.