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Author Topic: Power cord kit review - sort of  (Read 960 times)

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Power cord kit review - sort of
« on: August 11, 2021, 09:53:30 AM »
Been putting my hifi together for last couple of years. Stereomour ii w/ JJ tubes, Heresys, tube analog phono preamp, turntable and an ADC and Soundsmith cartridges. Blue jeans speaker cable and interconnects.

Past 6 months Ive listened to lps every chance I get it sounds so good. Only a couple of "house keeping" items left, like a new base for the amp and maybe more isolation, and replacing the stock power cords on the amp and phono preamp.

I have truly avoided the rabbit hole that is hifi cables for 50 years so I looked for equipment specific recommendations for the Stereomour and bought their cable. After some sweat and tears I plugged my homely result into the amp, turned everything on and - it's just better. Everything Bottlehead claims I could reproduce in my system.

But thats not why I'm here. After much head scratching I concluded that the stock power cord is distorting the signal. I am going to upgrade the power cord on the phono preamp and am genuinely curious about the results.

But it got me thinking. There are multiple places in my system where same sort of frequency loss might occur. Cables in my toneram; speaker wire conection to the odd original connection on the speakers; the cheap power strip I use; the cheap cords attacked to my cd player and wall wort to my dac. Sigh.

I dont want my audio ocd to get triggered. Any suggestions on how to efficiently approach this? Do Blue Jeans speaker cable cut it or does anyone have expereince with cable that does a better job between a Stereomour and Heresys? How about experience with power strips? I plug the amp into the wall but all the other components go into a strip.