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Author Topic: Live Music Review - SPARKS Vogue Theatre Vancouver BC March 15, 2022  (Read 581 times)

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A year ago I didn't even know who these guys were. Even though they have been around since the '70s and have released 25+ albums. How did I miss them? I now own 8? albums with plans for more.

The show was a pretty straight up rock and roll event - 2 front men with a band behind them. No theatrics, no big production, just totally excellent music and a crowd who really appreciated it. The Mael brothers are Ron (piano) who is 76, and Russel (vocals) who is 74. Absolutely one of the best shows I've ever seen.

They played for 2 hours and came back for a 3 song encore. Of course they played No. 1 Song In Heaven.

For those of you who may not know who Sparks is, check them out. The band your favorite band listens to.

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Re: Live Music Review - SPARKS Vogue Theatre Vancouver BC March 15, 2022
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We saw them circa '82 (Angst in my Pants) standing about 10 feet from the stage in the Whisky (or was it the Roxy...those years are kinda fuzzy) and my ex and I swear Ron spent half the show trying to stare me down. They were quite quirky and played up the cool brother / nerdy brother thing in those days. A friend of mine had been singing their praises for years and the show made me a believer.
You are right, they have an absolutely huge catalog and are very talented.
I'ts great to see a show where the crowd are all fans, not just folks out for the evening. Glad you enjoyed.
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Re: Live Music Review - SPARKS Vogue Theatre Vancouver BC March 15, 2022
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For those (like me) who have missed them live, there's the documentary, "The Sparks Brothers" on Netflix.

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