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Completed the initial build and passed all resistance checks.

Next step is voltage checks, and after installing the tubes, page 65 states “ Turn the chassis over and reconnect the black negative lead of the volt-ohm meter to 8U.”

Huh?   How does one flip a tube amp over on its tubes in order to check the voltages at all the terminals. 

I am confused.   Surely the tubes aren’t designed to support the weight of the chassis.

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Reply #1 on: May 17, 2023, 05:49:09 PM
you can put a couple of books or pieces of wood or something under the edges of the base to raise it high enough so that the tubes don't touch when the chassis is inverted.

Jay L.

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Reply #2 on: May 18, 2023, 03:02:18 AM
Thank you for the reply, will do. 

(The manual doesn’t explain this step of the procedure well, IMO)

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I use empty prescription pill containers at each of the 4 corners to get the height I need.

No, you don't want to place the weight of the chassis on the tubes.