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Author Topic: Bottlehead and Tape Project at Seattle Head Fi Meet August 20  (Read 1346 times)

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The next Seattle Head Fi meet will be on August 20th, 2011 11am till 4:30 at the

Queen Anne Library
400 W. Garfield St.
Seattle, WA 98119

We will be there with the new and improved S.E.X. V2.1 headphone/speaker amp, a production prototype of the new Smack headphone amp with switchable output impedance, a modified Crack amp and a meet favorite, our Paramount 300B amps driving the venerable AKG K1000s. We have been pulling together a bigger stable of headphones and will bring an assortment for folks to try with all of those amps. And of course we will be rolling Tape Project tapes, with some samples from the upcoming Series Three.

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See you there
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I will try to come by during the day.  Richard
Paul said that he could not.