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Author Topic: Smacks begin to ship, and a special offer  (Read 2037 times)

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Smacks begin to ship, and a special offer
« on: November 10, 2011, 02:18:24 PM »
OK, the first few Smacks shipped yesterday. We are awaiting wood bases before we begin our next batch of shipments.

We also have an early prototype for sale. This is the proof of concept prototype (after which we built the working prototype I showed at RMAF, which now resides in our listening station, and the production prototype that we just built for the assembly manual, which will showing at the Chicago Head-Fi meet this weekend).

This POC prototype amp was built on a S.E.X. kit 1.0 chassis, uses a PT-3 power transformer and has dual PS filters rather than the single supply of the production model. It has some extra output capacitance, and some of the caps and resistors on the PC boards have been composited from several different values. Shawn just installed the production version of the output transformers and the new impedance switching PC boards, but the amp only has a single ended stereo TRS phone jack on the front and no balanced XLRs. The buyer can figure out how to incorporate balanced output jacks into the old S.E.X. chassis and wire them to the PC boards if they want to add them.

Price for this conceptual prototype amp is $399, $150 less than the kit price. We will guarantee performance similar to the Smack. We will not modify it from its current state, that is up to the buyer. Contact Eileen at queen at bottlehead dot com if you want to grab this amp for a killer price.
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