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Author Topic: Problems with Smack manual and missing parts.  (Read 2888 times)

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Problems with Smack manual and missing parts.
« on: July 08, 2012, 09:29:55 AM »
Construction is moving along and I'm running into some problems with the manual:

Page 26 front terminal strips.  Manual calls for 4-40x1/4" screws.  Should be 3/8".  No mention of nylon stand-offs until suggestion to remove them on page 35.  Terminal strips shown installed with 1/4" screws and no stand-offs on page 32.  Photos on 35 & 36 show wires from tube socket center pins running straight across to 33L and 38L when they should route around to make room for stand-offs.

Page 35 5 1/2" STP.  Instructed to prep one end and install that end. Then you prep other end.  Seems it would be easier and less frustrating to prep both ends prior to installation of the first end.

It may be further in the manual and I've not run across it yet but there's no guidance on when to slip the heat sinks over the voltage regulators on the PCBs.  I assume that can be done after stuffing and soldering the boards?

Had a number of parts missing that I was able to source locally or from my own stock of stuff rather than wait on replacements to arrive:

2 1/8W 237 ohm resistors.  Replaced with 240 ohm resistors--the two I received metered out a 240 or so anyway.
1 10,000  mf 10 V cap.  Replaced with a 16 V cap.
1 Solder tab (I had a spare)
And a few lock washers and nuts that I replaced with on-hand spares.

Otherwise so far so good.