10% Off Our Bottlehead Upgrade Kit for S.E.X. Amp (BH-1s & BH-2s)

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For a Limited Time Only: A special sale on our Bottlehead Upgrade Kits (BH-1 & BH-2s)!!

We're taking 10% OFF list price (see magnequest.us) for our in-stock Bottlehead Upgrade Kits.

There are three pair of nickel BH-1s in steel channel frames in stock (see this picture which shows a BH-2 on the left and a BH-1 on the right). The matching plate chokes, BH-2s, are in steel channel frames using premium M4 lams at no extra charge (which is a real plus).

Nickel lams are increasingly harder to find at any price, so snatch up the Bottlehead Upgrade Kit for the S.E.X. amp you've been dying for before they're gone!

We'll accept payment via PayPal (you pay shipping) or by U.S. Postal Money Order (in which case, shipping is on us).

Email [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to place an order.

You don't want to miss out on this special sale!
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I love that stone perch you are using for your product shots. It captures that  great Old City Philly look.

I think I have the Dowdy choke, model...John 

John S.

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Do I detect the clever hand and brain of Rosie?  :^)  I love it!

For those on the fence - there is no other way to get nickel core goodness in Bottlehead products. This is what I have in my personal SEX amp. Recommended.

Paul Joppa