Another kudos to the Bottlehead Team

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on: April 14, 2014, 05:24:06 PM
This is actually my first Bottlehead kit so it should be.. interesting starting here :)  I had ordered a Crack+Speedball but after getting my bonus figured I might as well finally show my HD800's (and other assorted cans) some extra love.  I have heard your products before and have been scheming to take this plunge for quite some time.

After briefly going through the instructions I can tell they definitely are a grade above and I'm not worried as long as I follow them very carefully.. *knocks on wood*  Fortunately I'm fairly adept at soldering, just new to tubes and DIY audio (although I can tell this is the beginning of a new, expensive hobby already). 

Anyway thank you again BH team for quickly changing my order to the Mainline, getting it to me promptly, and providing the excellent instructions as well as these forums for any help or otherwise supplementary information. 

Can't wait for your DAC, by the way; you can already go ahead and pencil me in for an order there.