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Reply #15 on: January 22, 2015, 03:11:52 AM
I know you can get a decent Dual for $100 or less.  I prefer the ones with a tubular arm, they have a better suspension and bearings in them.  I'm using a Dual 1219 with my HOMC SAE (Coral) cartridge right now.

But the most important thing is the cartridge.  After all it produces the signal.  (Think about it!)  I get all kinds of arguments about tables and arms, but still, the cartridge produces the signal that gets amplified.  Bad arms will ruin a good cartridge's chance at delivering good sound.  A bad table will be off speed, have rumble or speed variations. 

You might post where you are and ask for help.

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Reply #16 on: January 23, 2015, 03:47:05 PM
Hi Grainger,

I'm in Northern NJ, near NYC.  What is a belt drive table?  Thanks,

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Hi Grainger,

 What is a belt drive table? 


Most turntables are driven by:
1) Belt drive: belt from motor to platter or sub-platter
2) Rim/idler drive:  motor drives an intermediate wheel which drives the platter
3) Direct drive:  Motor spindle directly drives the platter.

There are many "variations on the theme".  One of the most desirable vintage rim drive TT's, (Thorens TD124), has the motor driving the rim drive wheel via belt, very similar to my "modern" VPI* table with rim drive.)

I directed you toward belt drive purely  because it is the simplest drive to implement, which generally, means most of the production cost went into the motor, bearing and platter, the key turntable components.   Add-ons, such as auto cueing and/or return, direct drive, record changing, etc. mean unavoidable cost & manufacturing compromises on the key components. The added mechanical goodies usually detract, IMO,  from the sound reproduction of the TT. 

Vinyl reproduction is a simple concept... a stylus follows a spiral groove that has ridges and valleys that are an "analog" of the musical sound wave.   But therein lies the greatest challenge, we a talking modulations that are literally as small as 1 micron, (0.000039370in).  So adding any part of the TT that vibrates, resonates or any other outside interference, has a detrimental effect on the stylus's ability to tract the groove. This will unavoidably have a negative affect on the music reproduction.

But, PLEASE, take my evangelism with a "salt lick" size grain of salt, I am a purist!


* Ummmmm... wonder where they got that idea?  :o
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I'm a big fan of the KISS method :)  More features on a turntable, like autoreturn, are more things to break.  Belt drive sounds like the way to go (its kind of like picking a single disc CDP vs. CD changer).