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Author Topic: Beyond my expectations!  (Read 2094 times)

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Beyond my expectations!
« on: April 16, 2015, 05:49:48 AM »
My DAC arrived last Friday . . . while I was away  :'(  Home on Monday and I hooked it up and ran a burn in disc for 24 hours.  Sat down on Tuesday night to take a quick listen.  Put on Sarah Jarosz "Build Me Up From Bones" and ended up listening to the whole album.  I had tears in my eyes and I've heard this album many times.

Gear is a McCormack SST-1 transport, BH DAC, Bent AVC-1, D-Sonic M3-1500M mono blocs, GoldenEar Triton One speaks.  I'd been using an SMc (McCormack) Ultra DAC which at this point in time was my reference having beat out an Audio Note Kit 2.1 that had been greatly enhanced and built by Digital Pete.  Both these DACs are in the mid 2k range so having the BH DAC soundly (no pun intended) trounce the Ultra DAC was a very satisfying experience.  After my brief listen what came to mind is and openness, smoothness, and rich detail that I had never heard.  Softened sibilance but no lack of high frequency involvement.  The sound stage seems slightly compressed but may be more real.  More listening will tell. 

Thank you, thank you, Bottleheads all for a truly remarkable DAC.  I can't wait to do some more listening.

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Re: Beyond my expectations!
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2015, 07:40:36 AM »
Thanks for the kind words, Chris!
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