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Insertion Loss
« on: April 21, 2015, 05:04:10 AM »
 I have to kinda laugh at myself from time to time. I get going on a project and start changing circuit parameters or even cables, and then lose track until a difference is realized. Not the difference that I was going for mind you, but a 'What happened?' occurrence that I have to trace back. In this case, I forgot about the insertion loss of the Fix (about 4db), and even added a 2 meter set of interconnects on top of the 1 meter interconnect. Um sure, a difference was heard all right. Not so much treble, and I was pushing my little amp right to it's limit. Removing the long interconnect and even the Fix for this test relieved my troubles. I didn't mention that I am working this system with a new set of speakers that I am building, so it's not business as usual in my system right now. The Fix works as intended with my regular speakers, but the last thing that these new speakers need is more bass and treble.