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Reply #45 on: November 17, 2015, 07:03:26 AM
Sorry Bob, I just found this. The Cracka2a has a blacker background and a sense of better frequency extension than Crack. I think it is a significant upgrade in terms of resolution. We did an interesting listening session Friday. We had Mainline and a Cracka2a, and a pair of stock HD800s and my Anax modded HD800s. While the Mainline sounded better on my modded 800s and that would be my choice for critical listening, we tended to prefer the Cracka2a when listening with the stock 800s. It didn't have quite the resolution of Mainline, but its more mid and lower mid-centric sound worked well with the brighter stock 800s for casual listening.
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Surely someone will find a film cap that won't fit, but we left tons of space!