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Re: 12AT7
« Reply #15 on: August 06, 2015, 03:19:53 AM »

As someone who lives in North Carolina I just want to send a BIG thank you to you for all the work you do preserving the USS North Caroilina. I have toured the ship a couple of times. And I have spent the weekend on the USS Yorktown aircraft carrier in Charelston SC with the scouts.  I can't thank the men and women enough who preserve these national treasures for us. They are time capsules and examples of living history.

Ken Goss

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Re: 12AT7
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Thanks so much... its an honor to me to do this... my uncle was a Marine in the 4th Div, 25th Marines on Iwo Jima and survived, the USS North Carolina was there supporting him and all the rest of our troops. He passed away this year. It was his journey that started me researching what happened and eventually the BB55 came into play and the opportunity presented itself to become a volunteer.

Its a lot of fun and work... painting, repairing, and restoring.

Maybe someday we may meet on it in Wilmington

All the best....


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Re: 12AT7
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Hi Alex, getting to have a wonder round the ship was a not to be missed opportunity for me and definitely a memorable moment.
In my teens I became fascinated by the old battleships classes and read all I could get my hands on after finding out my own grandfather (whom I never knew) served on HMS Rodney a British 16" gun battleship during the hunt for the German Bismarck.

I find it simply mind blowing when thinking about how these huge ships where designed and constructed in the past without all the modern machinery and computers we have now.
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