Loricraft Record Cleaner

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on: July 31, 2010, 10:13:22 AM
I purchased a Loricraft Record Cleaner from Jonathan Weiss. I put lots of though into this purchase because I had a Nitty Gritty cleaner and it was a lot of money just for a silent cleaner. I went for it because
I couldn't use the other at nights.

I have many old records from relatives coillections, basically recovered from the trash. With the nitty gritty it was a nightmare cleaning them. With the Loricraft its a pleasure. Now I clean EVERY record I'm gonna play.

Not only the cleaning process is easy and painless. The records end up shinning. And the sound, how! I've cleaned records that were very noisy before and are extremely silent now.

I don't like when people recommend stuff like this but I wanted to share. It is a good purchase.

Now I need to get up my *ss and finish that Eros!

Xavier Cortes