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on: July 29, 2016, 07:15:06 AM
I finished assembling my Tode kit and have no sound....nada...only silence.  It sure looks pretty however with it's little glowing LED!
My power supply transformer voltage checks were OK.  All resistance checks were OK except terminal 17 and 20 do not vary with the midscoop switch position, B1 resistance does not rise but stays constant at 9.95 M.     

I also have low voltages on some terminals. The back chassis voltages are OK except terminal 11 which is only 260V instead of 325.  I should state that my kit was short one of the 270K 1W resistors and I had some 270K 2W resistors that I substituted thinking these would be OK to use. Was I wrong?

The low voltage at the back terminal 11 also creates low voltage at some other terminals on the front chassis.
#11 is 250V instead of 325V
#12 is 214V instead of 293V
#14 is 163V instead of 215V
#22 is 214V instead of 295V

 Should I remove the 270K 2W resistors and install the correct 1W resistors?  How can I check if I damaged one of the polystyrene caps on the midscoop switch?  I  do get a crackle out of the speaker when checking the voltage on terminal 24 so I know the speaker works.
Any  ideas?

Thanks,  Bill
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Reply #1 on: July 30, 2016, 04:22:04 AM
I found my problem.  I had made two very stupid assembly errors.  I attached a wire from the midsccop switch to the wrong terminal and I missed one connection although  I had checked off on my instructions that I'd done it but when I finally went back through each step I found I  actually hadn't. Once corrected the amp worked and it sounds great.

I still don't know why I have such low voltages on the B+.  I'd like to know why. I was so concerned about this and that it might be the reason I had no sound at all I neglected to go back through checking each step of my assembly where I would have found my assembly errors sooner and not needed to ask for assistance. 

OK     A couple lessons learned....don't try to assemble a kit like this when tired after a long stressful day at work and walk away from a project and try to stop thinking about it. Go back another time with a rested mind. I'd spent a few hours trying to troubleshoot the problem before posting to this forum but I think I'd looked at it so long I couldn't see my errors.

Now time to enjoy the amp!