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on: February 24, 2022, 07:47:24 PM

So I'm trying to replace the stock volume potentiometer and balance control with a Goldpoint stepped attenuator. Unfortunately the TwoQuiet was out of stock when I ordered my kit otherwise I would have gone with that instead. In doing this I realized that the hole in the plate for the balance control would be left empty so I would have to cover it with something on top. Also, the information on Goldpoint's website says something about the shaft of their attenuators being a different size than what is typical, and that I should get one of their knobs to go with it to guarantee the knob fits. I didn't know if the stock knobs would fit so I went ahead and got one of their knobs at the same time. This left me with not wanting to use two different looking knobs, so I also decided I was only going to use one set of RCA jacks and remove the input selector switch so that only one knob would be present and I would just cover the two missing holes. I only really need one input anyway.

With the story out of the way, I'm confused on how this should be wired. From what I can tell the Goldpoint's pinout seems to be the same as the stock potentiometer. Looking over the manual to see where all the wires leading out of the stock potentiometer go, this is what I came up with:

R RCA pin -> GP Bottom row IN
R RCA tab -> GP Bottom row GND
L RCA pin -> GP Top row IN
L RCA tab -> GP Bottom row GND
Drain -> 8L
GP Bottom row OUT > 4L
GP Top row OUT -> 12L
GP Top + Bottom GND -> 1L

I've also attached an expertly drawn picture to better visualize what this looks like.

I'm not sure if L and R have to go to a specific row on the Goldpoint or not. I also did not put in any of the resistors that go between the stock potentiometer and the balance control. Does this setup work or will this explode now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. All this over a knob, I know. :)

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Reply #1 on: February 25, 2022, 03:38:45 AM
The drawing shows the L channel wires from the RCA to the GP reversed (the description is correct).

Paul Joppa

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Reply #2 on: February 27, 2022, 03:43:23 PM
The drawing shows the L channel wires from the RCA to the GP reversed (the description is correct).

Hey thanks for the help. It works!