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Author Topic: Speaking of loose nuts and soldering  (Read 69 times)

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Speaking of loose nuts and soldering
« on: March 14, 2023, 06:24:36 PM »
Everything is smooth on the build. Thank you. Why no star lock washers on the volume and balance pots? I used my own and was still able to catch 3 threads per mil spec. Those pots are the most used and will loosen up a bit over time.

Clean your star grounds and other exposed component leads. I use a small wire brush and a roll of plumbers sand paper. Solder has a hard time sticking to oxidized components that have been sitting around. Shiny metal is what you want. Not dull and gray. Clean every component lead and terminal strip before you solder it.  Also, when soldering anything mounted to the chassis let it heat for a while. The chassis acts as a heat sink and will suck up the needed heat to get a good solder joint. Always get a good heat bridge by putting some solder on the tip of the iron first and remember that solder will flow to the heat. Meaning that put the heat bridge on the opposite side of where you will apply the solder if possible.

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Re: Speaking of loose nuts and soldering
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Some pots come with lock washers, some do not.  The ones we use on most kits just happen to only come with flat washers.  I have a well used Foreplay from 30 years ago and the pots still haven't loosened up ;)  The trim pots on the Kaiju do have internal tooth lock washers. 
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