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Author Topic: Quick System is Singing Sweet Music  (Read 2522 times)

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Quick System is Singing Sweet Music
« on: August 16, 2014, 12:22:33 PM »
Just got my Quicksand up and running - took a relaxing few hours - and plugged it in to my stock Quickie and it sounds way better than it should for $198 (for both).  Dead silent.  Has that typical Bottlehead sound.  Switched it in for my Paraglows and while there is some drop off, overall it is sounds great.  It must be good, because the lovely better half is toe-tapping all over the house.  I'm sure the subs with the Orcas are helping, but c'mon, the Bottlehead crew pulled another rabbit out of the hat with this battery operated combo.  When can I get a $99 battery phono preamp?

Time to get to work on the PJCCS board for the Quickie.   
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