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Crack / Sparking Power Tube
« Last post by trickyricky123 on Today at 08:36:29 PM »

Not a direct Crack question - I've recently bought a Tung Sol 5998 for the Crack; when first turning it on a little white spark came off it. Second power on the same.

After removing the tube I notice there is 'rattling' going on in the 'neck' of it.

Is further use of this tube a big no-no? It sounds amazing, louder than some of my other tubes and very defined.. but obviously would prefer not to blow out my headphones.

After the first two sparks, haven't had it happen again.
That was it!   Thanks Paul.   I resoldered that connection and now 0 Ohms on terminal 6.  And I checked the other resistances too and they match with page 47.

Thank you for finding my lame soldering error!
OK, well the bare wire/leads that snake up through the outer terminals on the headphone jack are not well connected and/or soldered at the middle lug.  This is extremely implausible, as you have 0 ohms at the bottom outer lug and 0 ohms at the outer top lug, and they are connected through the middle lug that doesn't read 0 ohms, but it is still possible.
All three of those are 0 ohms.

The black wires appear solidly connected to the lower inner lug.
The problem with that reading is that the white wire that goes to terminal 10 is showing ground, and it gets its grounds after what would feed terminal 6. 

What is the DC resistance to ground for the bottom outer lug and the two upper lugs on the headphone jack? 

Also double check that both of the black wires on the headphone jack are captured by solder.
Yes, the red wire from the inner middle headphone jack is attached terminal 6.

Both middle outer and middle inner lug of headphone jack measure infinity (1 on my meter).
Is the read wire leaving the headphone jack attached to terminal 6?

Can you measure the DC resistance between ground (terminal 12) and the middle outer lug of the headphone jack? How about the middle inner lug of the headphone jack?
Moreplay / how to download manual?
« Last post by rockdoc on Today at 02:36:03 PM »
I just bought the kit, and after several tries, am unable to download the manual. Help!

Steve Tag
Thanks Paul.  I have not applied power and won't until this is figured out.  All of the other Ohm measurements looked correct.

Terminal 10 is 0 ohms.

Attached are more pics.
The most important thing is not to try to use your Crack until this is resolved.  How does terminal 10 read?  Can you post some extra photos of the wiring around the headphone jack?
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