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BeePre / Re: Bee Pre 2 with power amp
« Last post by blackharp on Today at 09:16:05 AM »
Altec 604Ds in large cabinets with a powered sub
BeePre / Re: Bee Pre 2 with power amp
« Last post by Paul Birkeland on Today at 09:09:38 AM »
The answer to this question would depend rather substantially on the speakers you intend to use.
To measure Kreg you use the red probe just like all the rest of the measurements.

I would list the OA, OB, KregA, and KregB voltages on the new boards.  The glow intensity of the 6CM7 can change substantially from tube to tube, so that's not necessarily indicative of a problem.
BeePre / Bee Pre 2 with power amp
« Last post by blackharp on Today at 07:24:56 AM »
Will the Bee Pre 2 pair well with a Citation II power amp? Or, would the best combo be with a lower powered SET amp? Wondering if I should start saving for when you release a new monoblock. 
BeePre / voltage measurement problems after output upgrade BeePre 2
« Last post by denteom on Today at 07:16:24 AM »
I finally finished the upgrade but ran into some problem. I noticed immediately the D tube is dim compared to the C tube. Do I need to plug the D tube deeper and not getting enough contact? (It's a daunting task plugging these small (6CM7), feels like it might break. The 300B glow looks equal.  When I measured the voltages at terminal 45 I get 6.5 vdc.  But terminal 60 voltage went up to 7.8 vdc.  The LED on the output upgrade PCB all lighted up bright and equal intensity.

Also not sure how to measure kREG voltage. Is the black lead still connected to 4u and use the red lead to measure kREG? positive or negative terminal. Or do I remove the black lead at terminal 4U then measure kREG (-) with black terminal and kREG (+) with red terminal?  Not to sure about this.

The voltage at Terminal 46 is 175 vdc while terminal 51 showed 225 vdc.
BeePre / Re: Beepre 2 output upgrade resistor
« Last post by denteom on Today at 04:42:57 AM »
Thanks,I give a listen tomorrow once I complete it.I'll give you a feedback on how it sounds.
BeePre / Re: Beepre 2 output upgrade resistor
« Last post by Paul Birkeland on Today at 04:04:31 AM »
If it is the correct value, it's the correct part.  These days things go in and out of stock like crazy at the electronics distributors, so we end up making substitutions here and there.
Moreplay / Re: Output attenuation
« Last post by Dzrout on Today at 03:46:05 AM »
They both go to an A/B switch I have the Hafler on one side and the HeathKits on the other, so only the amp I am listening to is actually connected to the speakers.
BeePre / Beepre 2 output upgrade resistor
« Last post by denteom on Today at 03:07:25 AM »
Finishing the output upgrade but the last resistor to be installed is a 412 ohm 1/8 watt.  From the PDF instruction manual the last  resistors to be installed are a Dale brown colored with number marking on it and to be soldered to 64L and 65L, the other one is 61L and 62L.  But the one left on the kit is a regular banded one. I checked the color code it is correct.  Do I install this or this is a wrong part? Attached here is the photo of the last two remaining resistors. If it is okay, they proceed to finish the project
Crack / Re: Vishay MKP 1848 Film Caps?
« Last post by pubcha on Yesterday at 01:32:32 PM »
I really appreciate the advice. I think I'll go with the Vishay's when I put in my order.
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